Supamide was formulated to overcome problems encountered with certain engineering plastics. Although other engineering plastics offered improved properties over materials such as Phosphor Bronze, engineers found that shaft wear and impact strength was not satisfactory in demanding applications.

Supamide has to a large extent, overcome this problem. It is extremely tough and self-lubricating.

Supamide has a higher continuous operating temperature than other more expensive engineering plastics, particularly in humid and wet conditions.

Supamide is being accepted throughout the industry as the new cost effective solution to wear problems.

Supamide is available semi-finished as:

  • RODS: 20mm dia. – 300mm dia.
  • BUSHINGS: 45MM dia. – 500mm dia.
  • PLATES: Up to 1000mm x 600mm
  • DISCS: Up up 800mm dia.
* Please enquire should you have a specific requirement.