Supamide is manufactured by Pontac Industries cc. Supamide was developed by Llewellyn Green in 2001 and was produced at our manufacturing plant in Welkom, Free State in that same year. We are a family run business, with our main operations in Welkom and a sales office in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We have agents based around parts of South Africa.

Supamide was developed with the primary aim of offering a Cost Effective, High Impact and Low Wearing solution to plain bearing application needs.  We view our customers to be the core of our business and pride ourselves on our service levels.

The key to our business is our expert knowledge of our own product and its capabilities.

Supamide can be used in a number of applications and should you need more information about Supamide and its various functions, please contact us so that we can assist with your specific requirements.

Llewellyn Green

Llewellyn Green, has more than 30 years of experience in the Engineering Plastics Industry.He has designed unique and innovative equipment for solid state polycondensation of PET and Polymerisation of Monomer Cast Nylon.

Llewellyn also has extensive experience in the manufacturing of equipment for the compounding and extrusion of high molecular weight engineering plastics in heavy sections. He has also been involved in the extrusion of PVC and the production of foamed phenolic resin.